März 30, 2011


Spring is finally here~~♡
I love it so much, trees & flowers are blossoming
and everything is so colorful (especially in pastel colors♥)
so I went shopping today to get some decorations

bunnies!!!!!!! so cute (*_____*)

and choco-bunnies with new taste *_*
I love Mr. Tom, so I might try this chocolate

and those nailpolishes in pastel colors♡
lavender lipgloss~ it's so cool

of course I needed to look for some clothes
this is what I found in H&M♪

lavender dress, black parka, cute lingerie with hearts,lace&ribbon <- perfect

our new big 3meter-sofa is so awesome


  1. die
    H§M sachen, so schön, was ist das ?Unterwäsche oder ein kleidchen oder ein oberteil??? das in rosa ?? so süß

  2. @black-sui: also das linke ist ein Kleidchen :D
    bei mir gab es das nur in pastel lila (sieht aber irgentwie auch rosa aus xD, schwarz und beige ^^

  3. they are *_* I'm so happy I found them. Always wanted pastel colors but never ordered them online xD

  4. Who is your SS? They seem amazing for finding you that dress :D