Februar 28, 2011


Yesterday we had a meet-up in duesseldorf

It was great as always, but it was cold and raining all the time

and I was really annoyed, because at home my wig stayed perfectly
but at the meet-up it ALWAYS slipped up on my head
(I should have worn my ponytails at home, so I could find a way to fix it)

we went to the benrath castle where we took pictures
afterwards we went into a cafe to warm us up (*´Д`*)

apple pie with hot chocolate (*´∀`*)

wearing my Dolly Wink 'Baby Cute' lower lashes.
They're awesome♡

so my review of the day was


as soon as I have the pictures I'll post some♪

Februar 21, 2011

even more colors

Now I got some time to take pictures of my latest stuff I got

starting with these shoes I ordered really cheap from ebay.
They're really comfortable unlike other shoes

I had the idea to paint glittery hearts on them, I think it turned out really cute♪

then my japanese & korean cosmetics, I also got at ebay at a great store.

Couldn't resist trying out Dolly Wink, haha.
As you can see there is a beige nude lipstick from Etude House,
lip concealer from Canmake
and face brightener (Creates Glossy skin & 3D face line) from Etude House,too.

Now some really cute stuff

A glittery castle-ring (I love this!)
Candyheart-necklace from Baby Pink Parfait
and a fluffly bow from chocomint

aaaaand last but not least, favorite reebok lavender shoes

I'm really satisfied with my purchases
and I can't wait until my next orders will arrive

Februar 20, 2011

mint green

I'm still enjoying my free february♪
and if my boyfriend wasn't here 24/7, I would have made more entries
but well...

I noticed I haven't bought anything Lolita (I mean dress, socks, headbow..) for months..
I think my last purchase was a bonnet xD

Lately I enjoy wearing more Otome and pastell colors (spank!me, Fairy Kei inspired)

and I really like the casual dresses Angelic Pretty is making.
I was thinking about buying them, but I'm too afraid they're looking very short on me, since it's already short on the japanese models
(well if I wasn't that fat it wouldn't be a problem for me...)

outfit details from today

I'll write another entry tomorrow♪
I got some new stuff! haha
see you

Februar 11, 2011


'Drink me!'-giveaway

so much cute stuff!! *w*

Februar 09, 2011

New Layout☆

Ahh~ I'm so proud of the header hehe~
it took me some time to make the picture

and read the little story with AP Prints on the sidebar →
cute, isn't it?

To make this post not useless
my favorite Outfit-inspiration these days

mostly the clothes are from milklim
I'm planning to buy some clothes when I get paid again,

so cute♡

and the new capsule-album should be out on itunes today♪
here's a preview from 'WORLD OF FANTASY'

I love it so much
capsule is just so awesome