März 13, 2011

My first video!

Hi girrrrrls

As I planned, I made my own version of "I'm not part of that shit!" from Räuberhöhle♪

At first I was a bit unsure about how I would look in a video...xD
but I gave it a try and I think it came out funny (´∀`)

this is also my first video, so excuse the dark scenes, there was bad weather and I didn't had the time to film it again ^^
and the fact that I'm not perfect...
but this video is about having fun (and not to be part of that shit!)

If you like just take a look at it

My favorite scene is at 02:41+
I have such a stupid expression, it always makes me laugh... and the dance! lolol

ah... noticed that I should have made more pictures in Lolita! XD

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