Juli 18, 2010


I found this cute headband in H&M this week

aion 2.0

Currently life isn't really interesting :/

But the only thing that makes me happy currently is Aion (yar what else xD)

They announced the new update 2.0 (a big update with new areas & stuff (Pets! *o* *screamz*)) for mid september!

In my boredom I created a character on the dark side
I'm playing it when I'm bored with my Angels xD

Her eyes are glowing when she fights ♥

2:56 PETS
& epic music *goosebumbs*

Juli 06, 2010

Paris DAY 2 - AP Tea Party

Ok this post is gonna to be long!
a more detailed report and more pictures I posted at my Livejournal. 

The party started at 1pm. 
There was a doorman checking our invitations and guest list :D this was pretty cool!
after we got upstairs Maki & Asuka welcomed us and offered us to get a drink and candy  
Maki&Asuka and their cute manager  
the prices for the lottery
and I won a Milky-chan ring
and then later... Maki&Asuka presented special AP Cake (EPIC)  
So delicious
So after taking lots of pictures the party sadly came to an end at 4pm.
I had to rush to the train station, but I could enjoy the whole party  
My present: (Milky Planet in black is really gorgeous)  
So the procedure of the Tea Party was like that:
Eating Cupcakes & Candy
Ice cream 
Taking Pictures
Kera Snaps 
Taking Pictures
Taking Group Picture
Maki&Asuka giving autographs 
Goodbye with presents

Juli 05, 2010

Paris DAY 1 - 2

After the shop opening I changed (because it was so hot)
and went to see the Eiffel Tower

the queue's to the tower (there were 4 of them), to see Paris from above were endless! x_x

tired face and messy hair xD

Paris DAY 1

I won't write long stories, because I wrote my heart out in Livejournal.


Angelic Pretty Shop Opening

After a long time of waiting, I finally were able to go in the shop!
It really changed from last time.
Everything was so cute! I want that furniture!

the 2 bracelets I bought and presents

Juli 02, 2010

Let's go

3 hours until my way to Paris!

today I bought the last things I need for it, like clothes and make up.

and I decided to get my first manicure today :D
haha, I always wanted it, but because of my work I'm not allowed to have long nails.
But I don't have to work for 2 weeks, so I think it'll be okay this time.

so pretty in rl ;_; I was sick of my short and thin nails.
Originally I wanted the pink glitter to 'bleed' into the transparent, but it's cute like that too.

let's goooo!

note to myself: don't forget to buy something in Paris for my boyfriend! don't forgetttttt!!11eleven

will be back at Monday and right after I got some sleep I need to work again!
The whole week in the afternoon till evening! I hate it!