September 26, 2011

Last weekend ☆ amusement parks

I visited my boyfriend who is for 5 weeks in another city because of work (T-T)

We drove to the theme park 'Holiday Park' in the south of germany, cause it was only 20 minutes away from there☆

I was really scared driving with the so called best rollercoaster in europe Ge Force
I went there 3 times, I was really scared but it was still fun XD

There were many other attractions as well we visited, but this one was the best

there even was a show with animals

big alligator (•⊙ω⊙•)

In the evening we also visited the 'Wurstfest' sausage festival

1/2 meter sausage (*´д`*) delicious♡

can't wait until he's back home again♥

fleurensucre's giveaway

cuuuute ❤ hope I'll win

btw another entry will be up tomorrow

September 09, 2011

Room Update♪

So since my boyfriend isn't at home for 5 weeks now (dying...。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。)
I have some time for myself~

So I took my desk from my old room to my new room & decorated it (・ェ-)

I really like it everything became so cute

also, new shoes arrived

the 2nd order from dellamore

She was so sweet, because I wrote her that my 1st order might be lost,
she gave me some presents♡♡
Thank youu

September 07, 2011

BARBIE coordinate

Some weeks ago I also got my UNIQLO x BARBIE parcel

The shirts got released on the 6th June.
I asked a friend in the UK if she could pick them up for me, because UNIQLO doesn't ship to germany.
She recieved them fast and shipped them right away. But after a month of waiting I still didn't get them.

I was worried since the girl didn't had Internet at that time, but then she replied and said that shirt got back to her again, so she would ship it again.

Meanwhile I already asked another friend again if she could do another order for me.

This time I recieved it with registered mail, but my first order is still lost... (ノД`)

So this is what I got

cute ♡

every shirt also had a BARBIE keychain♡

so I thought I should use it as a phonestrap, because keychains always get damaged & scratched by the keys.

I like it alot♡

Not a fan of animes but I found this song on OMONA and discovered what VOCALOIDS are kinda awesome

Really a fan of this song now

2 giveaways

I participated in 3 super lovely giveaway's
I hope I can win something ╰(☆ u ☆)╮

Was really looking forward for Mio's giveaway It became so cute♡

♥ Pastel Raindrops Giveaway ♥

♥ The Most Popular Beauty Products In Japan + HUGE Giveaway! ♥