September 30, 2010


My teacup-hat arrived

Althought I really like the hat,
I think the white fabric is too light for Little Bear's Cafe

hmmm...maybe it would look better when I'm wearing white socks :)

with Wonder Party it looks great, I like it

September 25, 2010

Oshare Bear

Finally summer is over and outside it already looks like autumn
so pretty
I want to wear LBC everyday~

Made Pancake-bears yumm~
(and this one with bleeding chocolate-nose LOL)
with my new pan xD

full outfit~
wore my pink dr.martens boots for a more mixed look :)

the days before I decorated my room a bit,
'cause I found some cute jar's for my candy

umm sorry for the blurry pictures, the light was bad xD

and picture-frames with pictures from the last Tea Party

September 21, 2010

AP Cafe

It's here
And I'm madly in love with this dress
It's just sooo cute ❤

and so comfortable to wear~

the fabric:

I was kinda worried if I should like the fabric before I ordered it, but I really like it IRL. Perfect for cold days ❤

cute brooch :>

and omg AP released LBC wallet's

I want it!!!

and this coordinate is so adorable

Ahh~ I'm so happy right now
And 2 weeks holidays makes it even better❤

September 01, 2010


Still no news on the Little Bear's Cafe Release :(
AP huuuurrrryyyyy! I want my dress

I asked an etsy-seller who makes cute custom tea-cup hats, to make one for me.
It'll suit my black Wonderparty and Little bears Cafe :D
I got the idea to make a little bear with a donut (like the AP artwork) as a clip and clip it on the teacup hat when I'm wearing LBC.

I have so much ideas for the Hair-accessoires *-*
I can't wait!!

And this Rings are SO CUTE!!! WANT.

btw a recent outfit~
I love wearing Dolly/Natural in Autumn It gives me an awesome feeling