Januar 29, 2011

New wig☆

My first wig from Cosplaywigs USA arrived
and I'm really satisfied

this wig is so pretty and silky
the quality is perfect compared to my other wigs.

and it is heat-resistant☆

But there are 2 little minus-points I have to give

- some hair is falling out when you brush it/go through the hair
- the bang isn't cutted even. (But well, I don't think I could cut it better ^^)
I'll try to cut it again

With ponytails

Without Ponytails

Januar 27, 2011


2 new packages arrived  ♥

My PJ Roomwear in lavender color

It's so fluffy and warm, I love it so much♡

the back:

and the 2nd package

some slimming products and BB cream
these were on sale so I had to try them :p

this BB cream is really fantastic
my skin looks much better with it
it has a very light texture and is very natural on the skin

I will never live without BB cream from now on xD

Januar 23, 2011



The last days I was spending my time with shopping♡

my beautiful MILK x UNIQLO Onepieces arrived
and the dotted shoes, which took 3-4 weeks to arrive

There are a few more clothes from MILK x UNIQLO I really want to get♪

so cute ♥

Januar 17, 2011

some things...


Thank you for 50+ readers!
I'm really happy~♪

I hope you still enjoy reading my entries

I was bored and so I made a transparent picture of myself...
I'm glad that I got some nice pictures of me from the last meet-up

I'm always so bad at posing for pictures (>_<) 
This month I'm also happy because my overtime hours got paid and my bank account got a really nice + :D
So shopping this month will be great♥ 
some Packages which are on the way to me♪ 
♡ Reebok dotted shoes (lost since 3 weeks....) 
♡ Slimming products + BB cream (should arrive soon) 
♡ 2 MILK Onepiece's (should arrive in the end of next week) 
♡ New wig +
♡ New brown contact lenses (bought today)
Beside this... Nana Kitade feat. Loveless (who is that?) European Tour in April got confirmed 
Well I'm not a big fan of her, but I liked her in her Lolita-Time (if she's still...no update from her since 1 year o_O) 
I'm curious! ^^

Januar 16, 2011


♥ Back from Tokyo Giveaway ♥

I'm taking part in my first giveaway
The stuff is so cute, I had to join :)

Wish me luck :)♥

Januar 09, 2011

What's inside my bag? 2011


I didn't do this for a long time★

1. My mobile phone
2. My keys
3. My shedule book
4. My wallet
5. My cosmetics-bag. Depends on how much I take with me, I'm using a bigger one♪
6. My cupcake-wallet from H&M, but I keep my jewelry inside it.
7. small tin 'disney princess' for pills
8. ballpen <- looks like a lipstick☆ 
9. Mirror 
10. umbrella 
11. HK tissues


My outfit I wore today. Sugary Carnival since a long time♪

We had an 'Harajuku Day'-Event here in cologne.

There was Lolita catwalk too, which was really great
I didn't took pictures, but if they'll get uploaded
I'll post some♪♪