Dezember 04, 2009

My clothes from Closet Child arrived

Both from MILK
They had 30% off and I just had to buy them!!

Besides that I just found a stunning coat in a magazine

It's gorgeous!!

November 30, 2009


awwww he is SO cute!!!
Baby-bunnies are so adorable, I wish they could stay forever that small

It's so hard to find a white one (*;д;) the only seller doesn't respond..
I hope I'll find a white one soon, I don't want the black one being alone too long...

today's outfit:

black & pink & ribbons ♥

November 28, 2009

Welcome to my new blog

I wasn't sure if I should make such an open blog,
but I think this will be pretty funny

So let's start

today I went looking for bunnies with my boyfriend,
I decided to buy 2 bunnies
I want a black one and a white one...
we haven't found some suitable in the shop, so we only bought a cage for them.
I'll look for a white one in the internet, maybe there is someone who sells them in my neighborhood.
The black one I'm getting from a friend
ahhh I can't wait I want them now!!!