Juni 29, 2011

3 days until Paris..

My invitation arrived!

I'm soooo happy, it's the last week before the tea party and we didn't got any informations from AP until now.

I'm nervous as hell!
I don't know what I should wear for Paris sightseeing ( ̄▽ ̄)

Only 3 days left!!!
Maki, Asuka & Manager-san
it has been a long time

oh ehh~
& a recent picture of myself~

I tried out my new Dolly Wink 'Vivid Pop' bottom lashes.

ugly face (◎_◎;)○○○


T-ara released their new single
Love that song ❤

Juni 21, 2011

Dream Sky JSK arrived♥

It's so beautifuuuuuuuul
I still want the onepiece though, it would be perfect for me~★

I had to wait about a week after it arrived from the customs @ my house.

The fee was very high.
I'm still very shocked about it >___< I don't understand why I had to pay 19% EU-fee + 16% the usual fee.

love how the straps are adjustable .

(c) cute can kill

Now I'm going to paint our hallway in the new flat in light orange (・∀・)
It's going to be very colorful~

Juni 12, 2011


Yesterday I went to the funfair in our city
it's the biggest in the whole year

theme: Milky castle lavender

bought a candied apple
it was so sweet, my teeth hurted

& this is a outfit from today

pink & blue dots

Juni 06, 2011

About Dream Sky

Meanwhile I was able to get the lavender Dream Sky. YAY.

But only the JSK.
I asked AP San Francisco if they could do a special order for me,
asking AP Japan if the still have a lavender Onepiece left.

Everything was sold out, but they offered me the lavender JSK
and I bought it.

Well, better then nothing, right?
I didn't wanted the OP in the other colors
I'll try to trade the JSK for the OP in the LJ-communities

and I seriously love the jewelry they made for Dream Sky

The ring is so cute

At the moment I don't have any money left~
I hope they'll bring some accessoires when I'm in Paris.

Juni 03, 2011

...even more barrettes \o/

My boyfriend isn't at home for 3 days, so I have time to do all the things I want, haha.
I have to work again starting saturday, so I'm gonna enjoy my last free day.

I drove to my dad's house and a package was waiting for me

FINALLY my order from KAWAII GIRL JAPAN arrived

I ordered and paid them at the 19th of may with credit card.
Currently, this is the only payment method available.

It took about a week until they shipped it.
No notification email, no tracking number.
You have to check your user account at the site if you want informations about your order.

Well I think it was weird, because I'm used to get mails from every online shop I'm ordering.
But finally I picked it up today (my dad had to pay customs for it -_-)

I really love the stuff

Juni 01, 2011

AP Paris

Another shopping update★

I bought these items at AP Paris and now I'll get a ticket for the
Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris in July ★!!
I'm so excited to see everyone again

As you know, Dream Sky got released
sadly I don't had the money left at that time and after 2 days everything nearly sold out >___<

So today I asked AP San Francisco if they can get a dress for me from japan (via a special order).
They are my last hope!
I hope it'll work out. Otherwise I hope Maki&Asuka will bring some dresses to Paris and I can buy it there...

A picture from Maki&Asuka in Paris last year...

the background + those outfits = perfect picture.

God I wish I was that lucky to meet them accidently...
Brings memories back