April 22, 2010

purple love

I bought new makeup

purple nailpolish yaaay!
2in1 babypink & black glitter kajal pencil

and finally I found a pretty lipstick!
Somehow I can't wear lipstick in generall..it looks so strange on me..

but this one is so glittery and doesn't color your lips too much with color (erm lol can't really explain that in english...)

got a cute OP from milklim

but it has such a weird shape at the end xD

April 10, 2010


It was an awesome sunny day today
and what's the best to enjoy this weather?

Wearing a cute outfit!

Strawberry-marshmallows!! so cute!!

sooo and now I have to clean up and cook some food for my darling
when he'll come back from work ♥

pastel colors are love!

My current fashion-inspiration

Just too lovely!

April 09, 2010

blonde hair

and another wig!

My boyfriend says I look strange because of all the curls! haha
but I like it if I style it
If the hair is long like that I feel strange too

spank! me

dorky glasses!
currently I'm obsessed with Spank!-Style

especially I love Amo's style! she's just too cute
and I bought a lot of accessoires from yahoo!jp auctions like these earrings