Februar 14, 2012

Music bank in Paris + a little sightseeing☆

Hi girls

I needed some days to recover from Paris. It was really exhausing (╯_╰)

We left around 4am at wednesday & I had to drive about 6 hours until we arrived in Paris.
Driving with the car was the cheapest way, and if it sounds really long, time passed quickly

After we finally found our hotel (god, driving in Paris is like suicide...)
I wanted to go to Princess Crepe.

The bad thing was I only had the adress and somehow we had no internet connection on our phones...which was strange, because last year it worked (ι´Д`)

So I hoped that somebody would know this shop and we asked a lot of people, but no one knew Princess Crepe.

And it was reeeeeeeeaally cold in Paris and we were kinda pissed and hungry so we decided to stop searching for it. I was really disappointed -_-

on our way we stopped at a patisserie for some cakes

so delicious (☆ u ☆) but the cake was too sweet, haha♪

and even searching for a good place to eat was difficult, all the restaurants we saw were closed or not our taste or too expensive (॓_॔)

So almost frozen to death we found a good looking doner kebab shop lol
(felt like home in germany haha) \(T∇T)/

but we were surprised, the food there was so delicious

I was so tired and frozen I didn't had any motivation going to the Eiffel tower

We went back to the hotel and made myself ready for the concert.

As always I forgot something at home and this time it was my mascara and my lash glue. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

kkkkk~ tumblr gifs FTW ( ̄▽ ̄)

Damn, I was so mad and my boyfriend was against my wig
and I felt really bad and ugly. (ΘεΘ;)

At least I could wear my contact lenses, so my make-up was kinda korean style this day, hahaha

After we finally arrived at Palais de Omnisports (did I already said that I hate driving in Paris??)
There were already thousands of people waiting

I was glad the entry went peacefully without mad fans (one good thing about reserved seats)

I was really surprised that the concert hall was not as big as I expected it to be, so we had quite good seats and a good view at the stage

but it was still a little too far away, so we couldn't see the faces clearly

It would have been better if I had bought the tickets for the standing place, I would have had a better view and saved like 20€ -.-
The fans were very polite there, no pushing and shoving.....but well ^_^;;

The concert itself was FANTASTIC. Really,

The whole time I was like:


U-KISS started the concert (ugh why... -.-)
and I felt like everything was a dream ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡(˘▿˘ʃƪ)
They were sooo good!I felt so lucky and sad to be able to listen to Soohyun's and Kevin's angelic voices live....

I enjoyed every performance, everyone did a good job! 2PM WOOHOOO
I felt bad for SNSD, they had a few microphone problems T_T
but they totally rocked, it!
They are so beautiful T___T

Next week the whole concert will be aired in korean TV
and I'm so excited!!!
hope I wasn't filmed

Well, after the concert we drove back to the hotel, I was so tired I immediately fell asleep....

After a delicious french breakfast we started our way home, because my boyfriend had some appointments home (。・_・。)

We didn't visit the Eiffel tower.... I was really sad about that but it was my fault because I was so tired 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・

Next time maybe

Februar 07, 2012

new cosmetics + lenses // off to paris ♡♡

So tomorrow I'll leave for paris and I really hope that nothing bad will happen >_<

My car has some problems because of the really cold weather and I was really worried that it will die on our way.
But my father offered me his car to drive to paris, and I really hope that it will work......
I'm really worried.
Why does is have to be this cold now (╥_╥)

Yesterday I went to the city, and I was really surprised that a claire's opened
a bubble tea shop will open soon, too!
Oh and our McDonalds closed, but we have a burger king now ( ̄▽ ̄)

I'm saying this because my city sucks XD but this makes me a bit happier living here~

so I bought these at claires. Didn't expect those glitter eyeshadow to be good, yeah it's kinda bad quality but it still gives some glitter to the eyes.
The same for the nail polish, kinda disappointing.

boughr this eyeshadow palette @ douglas.

I also got a new skincare product from korea

Formulated with Milk, cellulose powder and enzymes to whiten complexion and remove oil, dirt and excess.

So it removes dead skin cells and your skin becomes smooth and clean.

Sounds promising, and through reviews I got interested to try it too

My new lenses G&G/Dueba 3-tone Princess Mimi (Bambi)

I really thought they would look different. They look very strong on brown eyes, but on green, you can only see the black circle XD

I'm off to Paris now~
I hope I'll arrive alive

can't wait to see U-Kiss