August 14, 2012

H&M shopping ☆ recent outfits

Hello ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ♡

my diet is going well, 
I already lost 10 kg but without sports! haha.
But it's about time loose more weight in a healthy way, right? ᕙ꒰⇀‸↼‶꒱ᕗ

finally I went shopping last week again and I found some cute stuff at H&M ꒰❛ᴗ❛人꒱✧

derp face, but too lazy to edit now T_T

this was my shopping outfit btw

Didn't think that I would buy/wear pants again, but I couldn't resist them!
They look awesome.*ೄ˚

That dotted dress was on sale, I saved 10€

aaand awesome plastic accessoires I love them!

I also finally ordered some cute socks from Topshop

I wanted to buy them a long time ago, but somehow forgot about them!
Now I found them again on the online shop and luckily they were on sale, too!
3 pairs for 10€, so I saved 2€ on every pair

here are some other outfits

finally wore my AP sneakers again! Almost forgot about them ꒰´∀`꒱

aaaand a recent picture of me  ლ꒰◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ꒱
watched my favorite sport 'rhythmic gymnastics' @ olympics

all pictures taken with Iphone, lol! I'm not sorry

that's all for now.
after 2 free weeks, I have a busy week of work again! My back started aching on the first day already, and it's too hot ꒰>___< ; ꒱
Don't know how to survive!

well, see you then ^^

my next entry will about my favorite Iphone apps ☆

Juli 19, 2012

I'm still alive ✿ recent outfits ✿ new CCK stuff

let's start with pictures first XD

my favorite clothes at the moment are my mint MONKI skirt & & a lilac shirt. I wear them almost daily when they're not in the washing machine. ꒰ ; ̄▽ ̄꒱
They're perfect for summer because the fabric isn't heavy.

as you can see my outfits got rather simple...
I feel old, fat and too ugly for crazy outfits. I still like to dress how I want at home and take pictures.

I think I fell in a light depression over the past weeks.
I had weeks where I had to work alot and weeks I had holidays, but I did nothing.

I am really unsatisfied with myself >_< so I started to eat healthy in order to loose weight... I already lost 8kg ... hope I can loose another 15kg............

I bought more stuff for my home rather then clothes or accessoires the last 2 months XD
but I couldn't miss the last CCK update so I ordered some lovely stuff


you can see my dyed hair btw XD

....... yeah besides that I bought
I also bought some big curtains for my closet ... I like how it looks ^O^

I hope I feel better soon.....

maybe I should start buying clothes again and do something fun...

or I'll just wait until summer is over LOL.......



I really hate summer

Juni 03, 2012

♥ Giveaway winner ♥

The winner is Vilma


thank you everyone who participated

Mai 31, 2012

Giveaway end ★ new cute stuff~

Hello followers~♡

Today is the last day of my giveaway thank you everyone who joined it
I'll announce the winner on sunday, I'm quite busy these days.

Some new stuff arrived in the last weeks, not much but I think it's worth taking a look

first, a super lovely necklace from Cute Can Kill. I also got a cute earring as present
thanks so much,
I almost wear them everyday ꒰❛ᴗ❛人꒱✧

derp picture ꒰─‿‿─꒱

tights from Kawaii Carnival. here is an outfit where I wore them☆

my legs look kinda short here,

besides that, currently there are a lot of cute clothes in stores like H&M too

has a lot of pastel colored clothes,  I love it

the skirt is from the kids section (it has an elastic waistband, so it fits bigger girls too)

a jewelry-holder for my earrings

Yesterday I bleached the ends of my hair for a dip dye effect. I'm not really satisfied with the result, because my hair is dark and the blonde didn't turn light blonde as expected so I have to bleach them again.

but I'll write about it in my next entry

see you

Mai 15, 2012

my birthday

At my birthday on the 4th may,
my boyfriend and me went to the cinema watching 'the Avengers'.

After that we drove to my grandma, where we had tea & cake.
The day after we did a BBQ in our garden.
Nothing special, I just don't like celebrating my birthday ꒰⇀‸↼‶꒱ I was glad when it was finally over, haha

some presents: flowers, money & chocolate

hair oil from a friend. She said it's really good for damaged hair. Will try it soon

oh yeah this was my outfit

sorry for the quality it was dark already, I didn't had time at daytime

aaaaand some camwhoring from today

I will go to the hairdresser this week... I'm thinking about dye my hair in a lighter brown...
& finally dip dye my hair