Januar 31, 2012

Berry's giveaway

I entered this giveaway today

Januar 30, 2012

My first spank!-item + other items get☆

Some stuff arrived again (´ε` )♡

This was my first time ordering something from spank!
Their stuff always sell out so fast, so this time I tried and it worked♪

they even sent me a shopping bag ( ´∀`)☆

next, this beautiful necklace from Etsy-seller Imyourpresent

her accessoires are so pretty♥

and this fur tail I bought from a german ebay-seller

I also recieved new lenses and a cheap wig (haha, I should stop buying cheap wigs... they are always disappointing...)

think I'll write a review in my next entry.

Since I have some days off until friday, I have a lot of time (─‿‿─)

this was my outfit today

dress: H&M
skirt: offbrand
cardigan: SWIMMER
leggins: offbrand / ebay
shoes: Reebok

I'm ready for spring

Januar 25, 2012

trip to paris in february ❤ KBS music bank

At the 8th of february me and my boyfriend will go to Paris again


You know I was 3 times in Paris before, just for the AP Tea Party, but never with my boyfriend (ι´Д`)
so this time it'll be something special♡

I also finally want to go to Princess Crepe

the main reason actually is a K-Pop concert
KBS (a korean TV station) will record their music show MUSIC BANK
in Paris

Since I discovered the band U-KISS in august,
I fell deeply in love with korean music ヽ( ゚ヮ・)ノ♡♡

My music taste completely changed since then! ~haha
I listened to a lot of J-Pop, Rock before but now I totally don't need that
cheesy japanese stuff... it really annoys me now

I remember my first steps into the K-Pop world 1-2 years ago when I watched a lot of korean drama's.

I don't know from where I got to listen to Super Junior's songs "Sorry Sorry, Super Girl,..."
Big Bang & 2NE1's "Lollipop" for example.
I loved them but didn't really paid attention & continued listening to japanese music.

I'm SO excited ಥ‿ಥ

Almost all my favorite bands will be there
(U-KISS~~~~ )

I'm so ready to go!

Lightsticks are prepared

will buy some cheap lightsticks for the other bands in their colors to cheer for them
& make a signboard kkkkk~

here is a fanmade video for the event

and the last Music Bank they did in Tokyo

Part 1 & 2

watching those videos makes me shaking so much and crying ;O;
Can't seriously wait anymore

see you~

Januar 02, 2012

♥Fluffy roomwear: Rakuten shop order♥

Outside, the weather is bad and the best thing to do is just stay at home
cuddling with your boyfriend while watching movies, ne?♡

On the 28th december I ordered 2 pairs of fluffy roomwear from this Rakuten Shop:


Since in japan the new years holiday start from the 29th ~ 6th january,
the shop staff said that they would ship it out after the holidays then.

Buuut somehow they managed to sent it out before and I was really surprised that the parcel arrived today at my home!

This was inside:

I'm totally satisfied!
It's so cute, fluffy and warm I don't want to take it off anymore, haha (☆ u ☆)

and it fits well~
They had no measurements for the pants, so for the hips, I can say they stretch until ~105cm

The day after I ordered from rakuten, I went shopping in the city and found even more cute roomwear!

from H&M

from C&A

Now I don't feel cold anymore at home

★ Christmas & New Year ★

Hey girls♡

Hope everyone had a good time?

My holidays were wonderful
Like every year I'm spending christmas & new year with my family and my boyfriend.

We had so much food and it was delicious!
I don't want to know how much weight I gained XD

Mostly, I got a lot of money yaaay & stuff for the body (shower gel, lotions)
aaand chocolate

this is my favorite present, from my sister
I wanted to buy this too, when I was buying presents, but then I didn't had enough money for myself XD

We had a lot of fun, I didn't had time to take any pictures!

We spent NYE at my father's place.
and again~
food food food xD

ahhh I really love russian food, it's the BEST

my outfit

love the purikura app XD

Hope your wishes comes true in 2012~

I don't have any New Year's resolutions
it's always the same: get skinnier, get prettier, etc XD