November 23, 2011

fuzzy things

These days I avoid to go outside because it got so cold
but I still love it more then summer haha (︶▽︶)

The christmas market in our city opens tomorrow, although it's a very small one, I still enjoy the atmosphere★
I want to visit some christmas markets in bigger cities

some lovely things arrived these days
fuzzy hair ties and clips

airmail parcels from U.S.A always takes about 6 weeks to arrive in germany
I hate it (-_- )

& these super cute tights from Sweeticakes Shop, which I was really looking forward to be released

They are very soft and stretchy♪

aaand finally I made a new phone contract, so I can use my boyfriend's old Iphone (^∇^).
It was lost for half a year behind our wardrobe >_<
He bought himself a new Iphone,
so while I'm saving for my own new Iphone, I'll use this

November 12, 2011

New Layout

Hello cuties

Yesterday I worked on my new layout
The header turned out really good

but I have problems with coding
I want to enlarge the header with the date for example, but it doesn't work

Some years ago I was very good at it, but now I forgot everything xD

anyways, please take a look on my new Layout & tell me if you like it (✪㉨✪)

I got inspired when I saw Yu's latest Blog design where she wears this milklim sweater, I also ordered☆

The clothes are so cute
They are also very thick, so perfect for colder days
I love them so much

oh and I also got this badge as a little gift

Last but not least my outfit from today

November 02, 2011


I was really looking forward to this years halloween
It was my first time going to a halloween party, so I was very excited♪

I wanted a scary costume, but somehow I always end up with a cute witch outfit, haha.

So this time I made the hat myself, too
I thought Dream Sky would be a perfect dress for a witch costume

It was a very funny evening, Cindy did her best to give us a great party
and it really was, thank youu

Loved the decoration


We had jelly brain, bloody sausage-finger, eyes, cake-pops,

Cindy with her boyfriend♡ cuuute

A rather creepy picture of us, haha

with Nina

made this picture when I arrived at home. I was veeery tired, luckily didn't slept in while driving, haha

See you