Mai 25, 2011

Capsule's new album

Today is my favorite 'band's new Album release!!

and thanks to FedEx I got my CD also today~♡
I'm so happy~
the CD itself is so pretty and well made!

You can't see it in the picture but some parts like Toshiko's shoes, tights or headwear is shiny!

1. Open the Gate wonderful opening
3. I JUST WANNA XXX YOU ... the title says it all XD Love it
4. STRIKER interesting~♪
6. I WILL except for Toshiko's bad english...AWESOME
7. WHAT iS LOVE hm...
8. I CANT SAY I LIKE YOU I can say I ... like it
9. PRIME TIME E.P.I.C. *dances*
10. CLOSE THE GATE nice ending

11.WORLD OF FANTASY -Extended Mix- extended part is awesome~
12.STRIKER -Extended Mix- I kinda like this more then the original :)


(My make-up today)

Mai 18, 2011

Jelly Anna's Giveaway

JELLY Anna is having an amazing giveaway

check it out♡

Mai 15, 2011

Nile Perch, Lashes, Korilakkuma

small shopping update again! :)

I have to work a lot atm, so at home I'm so tired I don't want to do anything
So I relax by shopping (´∀`)

This week some stuff arrived again

My first item by NILE PERCH
a cute black Parka with purple & pink ribbons
and rhinestones, it even has cute glittery lace on the top!
I it~

Diamond Lashes
I'll try them out next week☆



My super cute order from \(^o^)/

1. On top: pouch for my camera
2. left: phonestrap
3. right: strap (display-cleaner) for my camera

Oh god, I could cuddle them the whole day. they're so fluffy and cute♡♡

another thing,

perfume released a new single 'Laser Beam'
It became a really cute electro song, I like it

Mai 13, 2011

new pictures

Ok, since it looks like all entries since blogger's crashdown yesterday got deleted,
I have to rewrite my entry ( ´-`)

I want to share the pictures we took on claudia's birthday meet-up♥
they turned out great!
I really like the last picture♥

it's so dreamy (*_*)

Mai 09, 2011

5 new items☆

2 new items arrived today~!!(。✧ ◡ ✧。)

a Liz Liza messenger bag I bought from a german gal

I noticed I didn't had any black socks that would match my dress
So they just appeared at the right time at the AP Paris Shop♡

today I went to the city, originally to look for something at H&M but I ended up buying new cosmetics xD
This cute icepink mascara caught my attention and I just had to buy it!

Since H&M didn't had that polkadotted tubetop I saw online, I bought nothing there and decided to order it from the onlineshop (・∀・)

And the past days I found this CUTIE at yahoo!jp auctions

It was love at first sight, since I saw Misako Aoki wearing this type of barrette from BABY RIBBON

Oh she really is a inspiration for me

And wow, since it's so hard to get things from Baby Ribbon
(this barrette sold out nearly in every color very fast),
I was so lucky to discover it on the auction site~

even in my favorite color
and I bought it for 3,800Yen (original shop price is 4,200Yen)☆

I can't wait until it arrives!!!
I love it so much already♡♡♡

Mai 04, 2011


  Happy Birthday to me 

Today is my 22th birthday♡

I celebrated it with my family in our garden
we had a delicious BBQ❤

and now I'm relaxing at the couch & writing this entry
I had to work today and couldn't sleep well at night so I'm super tired now
& the cozy couch is the only thing I need right now (⌒-⌒);

russian style ;P♡

bunny potato chips

My bunnies wanted to be in the picture too xD
my outfit was pretty simple ... as I said I was so tired I wasn't in the mood to dress up~

My presents~

of course money (´∀`)♪
& this awesome camera from my boyfriend❤

so much better then my old one \(*´∀`*)/♡

shower gel & sweets ♡

I'm gonna sleep a bit now~

Wish you a lovely week

Mai 02, 2011

Marchen Ribbon JSK

My Marchen Ribbon JSK arrived today~❤

It's so pretty~
I'm so happy I bought it (⌒o⌒)

As I had the money and wanted to order it, I noticed this style is already out of stock in every color except white @ the online shop.
I was worried so I immediately wrote to my SS, she should ask the AP Shop if they still have a black dress left in any shop....
Luckily she told me they found one and I was so happy then.♪

The shopping service send it 2 weeks after she ordered it,
which for me is a really long time to wait, I can tell you (⌒-⌒);

but finally it arrived today❤

I knew that the ribbon & pearlchain is detachable, but I was so surprised that the pearlchain is even detachable from the ribbons!!!
Omg this is so awesome, I can use the ribbons as hairpins or brooches~~♡

I really like those extras the dresses have♡

& some details