April 30, 2011

Limecrime Lipsticks

Some days ago I got my first Limecrime lipsticks

I discovered this shop a long time ago and was fascinated by their packaging also in the colors of the lipsticks
in the last weeks I visited that site again, and decided to order something

as I saw the promotional picture with the 3 new colors in march, I really wanted a nude lipstick, so I bought 'Coquette'
I also wanted to buy D'lilac, but the color is so bright (but so beautiful~~) ...
I don't know if this would look good on me...

The shipping was fast and cheaper then I expected☆

Great Pink Planet and Coquette

I'm really happy about this order and I have to say they cover my lips very well☆
I heard many negative reviews, but I'm satisfied with mine \(^o^)/

& a picture of my outfit today...
didn't post one since a long time :)

wearing Great Pink Planet

Found that cute dotted shirt at H&M
after searching a long time online :)

April 29, 2011

Room video

I made a video about my room

I wanted a memory when I'll move out soon,
so why not sharing with you♪

Watch & comment if you like♪

April 21, 2011

Ap gifs


just found them on tumblr & I thought I would share♥

If you want more
check this out~ (´∀`)♥
♥ http://riniswonderland.tumblr.com/post/4777187049/deka-wanko-gifs-angelic-pretty-misako-aoki
♥ http://riniswonderland.tumblr.com/post/4788043294/rinrin-gifs-triple-tart-cafe

April 19, 2011

photos from 27.02.11

Totally forgot to post better pictures from the chocolate themed meet-up in duesseldorf on the 27th february (・×・)

Most of the pictures didn't turned out very well, I hate being photographed from the bottom up....
I really should tell the photgrapher next time when he/she asks us to stay on stairs.

well I'll show you my favorites

I can say that Claudia is my Lolita twin
we have the same taste in clothes and accessories

and decided to do more shootings with matching dresses♪

and our outfits weren't even arranged♪
I like her (*´∀`*)

someone even took a video from that day

you can see me moving and walking later in the video~ xD

April 18, 2011

birthday party

 Yesterday I was invited to claudias birthday

We went to the pink castle in duesseldorf benrath, where we took a lot of pretty pictures (I hope they turned out pretty as well)☆
The weather was great and everywhere were lovely flowers~
we even lay in the grass for pictures, but our dresses didn't get dirty (^o^)

the birthday girl

afterwards we went into a cafe

claudia opened her presents and after we had some hot chocolate and a piece of cake, we played trivial pursuit Disney edition 'till the end (・∀・)


a lot of cream xD

I photoshopped my bangs a bit here, but I really need to cut them straight! XD
I feel that they'll look so silly on the pictures..

have a lovely easter-week

April 15, 2011


It has been a while~♪

My life isn't really interesting atm, I have to work a lot and in my free time I'm too tired to do anything!

But some days ago I recieved another DreamV-package
their casual clothes are so cute, I just can't resist♪

sadly, I got the pink stuff in HOTPINK.
I don't know why, originally I ordered everything in BABYPINK.
~_~ I hope they won't send me again hotpink stuff in future...

the good thing is the pink t-shirt (the ribbon is on the back ;)) is very stretchy~
At the site the bust size says 88, so I was a bit afraid that it would be too small on me, but everything fits perfectly

Other news~~

today I got the confirmation that my Shopping service found a MARCHEN RIBBON JSK in BLACK

I was afraid at first, since everything is out of stock in the online shop, and I didn't had money when it was released that I wouldn't get this dress for the original price
but luckily she called the Angelic Pretty Shop and they had a black one left♡

I wanted this print since I saw it on Yu in the KERA add
this dress is perfect also for casual wear♡

another obsession lately had become glitter cosmetics for me~
must be because of spring, finally the bad weather is gone
and my bad mood too~ (´∀`)

on sunday I'm invited to a birthday party by claudia
we'll dress in Lolita❤