Juli 30, 2011

Today's Outfit ☆ Bonn

Today I drove to bonn, where a big anime convention "AnimagiC" opened for 3 days.
But I didn't had a ticket for it, so I was looking forward to meet some girls I know from internet, but I only met Cindy & Cindy

(Alina I saw you on the way, but I was driving!! XD & then I lost you ;_;)

here is my outfit☆

Parka: Nile Perch
Dress, shirt: H&M
Bag, Shoes: Angelic Pretty
Accessoires: Angelic Pretty, offbrand

Juli 16, 2011

Kyary's debut single☆

My new favorite video & song ╰(☆ u ☆)╮

So crazy, I love it☆☆

Her album will be released on the 20th july
Looking forward to her capsule cover song

Juli 15, 2011

Today's Outfit ☆ Shy Bear

Currently it got a little bit cold in germany (・∀・)

I'm spending my last days at home, before I have to work again.
Not really in a mood to do anything... but I shouldn't be too lazy (・×・)

So today I dressed up a bit & went to the city to print some pictures~

I printed out my favorite spank! & Fairy Kei pictures to hang them around my mirror.

I'm always looking for inspiration for my outfits
so instead of looking for it at the computer, I only have to look at my wall now☆

and my bags have a new place now, yaay
but the space is already full, hehe. Will have to find a new place for other bags ( ̄▽ ̄)

so, here is my outfit from today

I like it, it's so purple♡pink

Have a nice weekend~!

Juli 13, 2011

AP special group picture

Look what I got today~♪♪

A signed card with our group picture from the tea party (。✧ ◡ ✧。)

What a surpise!! I'm so happy about this present
& the Chess Chocolate print is amazing!! love those details~

Click it for full view☆

hahaa xD

Juli 09, 2011

Angelic Pretty Tea Party 2011 ♥ report

We arrived at the café in time & all the girls were waiting already♪

Everyone looked great, it made me very happy

And we met the lovely girls from austria (・∀・)

this picture is so cute

Then we were allowed to enter the cafe in small groups, Dominique was checking our invitations
and Maki & another shopgirl handed us the reservation paper for Chess Chocolate

Since it was sooo hot & we did sightseeing before, we were really thirsty
and went to the bar.

Everyone got this cute drinking straw
(You had to write your name on it, so yours didn't get lost.)
And I drank alot of strawberry milk. It was delicious

the sweets we had at the party.
The cake was SO CUTE, but we couldn't eat it.

I was a bit disappointed, because we only had those small sweets to eat...
(Yes we were hungry because we didn't eat anything before...)(*´Д`*)

and compared to the party last year, with those delicious cakes, it was kinda poor...
we didn't even had tables where we could eat & sit, so a lot of girls sat on the carpet.(・□・;)

A video from Cindy. Compared to mine, this one is much better (´∀`)

Love how Asüka forgot the name "Chess Chocolate" and wanted to say Melty Chocolate instead XD
And Maki's "Let's have fun" in the end is the cutest thing ever❤

The lottery prices.
So envious of those who got a set, worth of 200€+

I only won a pair of socks
well, better then nothing right? (^_−)−☆

Chess chocolate♡ Really beautiful.
but I'm not a fan of brown and gold lace.

Cute Milky Planet twins

And I met Fleur en sucre
She is so lovely

We even had a magician there XD
He showed us some tricks and we were really suprised...
Maki was so cute ❤

Of course it was time for pictures with Maki & Asuka

I look kinda silly, I'm sorry!
I hate it to bother them, since every girl wanted a picture with them...

and everyone got a special cookie
Those who had a "special price"-tag with them, got another price!!!
So jealous~ ○| ̄|_

but I'll keep mine, it's so cute. Don't want to eat it.♡

So we had to left earlier at 6pm
and Maki & the Paris staff said goodbye to us, giving us another little present
& a hug

When we went outside, Maki ran after us, they forgot to put a postcard in the present bag.
It was so nice of her ♡♡

So it was a really lovely day, and I had a lot of fun
(even if it was really hot there....)

Hope there will be another party next year with Maki&Asuka, too
Want to see everyone again♡♡♡

Juli 07, 2011

Paris Day 1 +2 ♥ Sightseeing

So after we left the AP Shop, we were very hungry and decided to eat at Planet Sushi

It was sooooo goood!(*´∀`*)

in the evening after we changed our clothes, our group went out into the city to have some cocktails.

We went to many bar's but the prices were just horrible!
Just look at this price for a 400ml cocktail Σ(・□・;)

it was very late anyway, so we went to our hotel to get some sleep.

At the next day we woke up very early to do some sightseeing.
Yesterday we didn't had enough time...
We wanted to see the eiffel tower and went there before the tea party

on our way we stopped at the Arc de Triomphe to take some pictures

Our group♡ Nina, Me, Cindy, Cindy & Jessica

So it was 12:30pm already and we had to rush to the tea party.
We arrived there in time and there were a lot of girls already waiting~(^∇^)

to be continued... ;)♥

love the buildings♥