April 15, 2011


It has been a while~♪

My life isn't really interesting atm, I have to work a lot and in my free time I'm too tired to do anything!

But some days ago I recieved another DreamV-package
their casual clothes are so cute, I just can't resist♪

sadly, I got the pink stuff in HOTPINK.
I don't know why, originally I ordered everything in BABYPINK.
~_~ I hope they won't send me again hotpink stuff in future...

the good thing is the pink t-shirt (the ribbon is on the back ;)) is very stretchy~
At the site the bust size says 88, so I was a bit afraid that it would be too small on me, but everything fits perfectly

Other news~~

today I got the confirmation that my Shopping service found a MARCHEN RIBBON JSK in BLACK

I was afraid at first, since everything is out of stock in the online shop, and I didn't had money when it was released that I wouldn't get this dress for the original price
but luckily she called the Angelic Pretty Shop and they had a black one left♡

I wanted this print since I saw it on Yu in the KERA add
this dress is perfect also for casual wear♡

another obsession lately had become glitter cosmetics for me~
must be because of spring, finally the bad weather is gone
and my bad mood too~ (´∀`)

on sunday I'm invited to a birthday party by claudia
we'll dress in Lolita❤


  1. can i ask u where did u order dreamV clothes?)

  2. Here is a link to the DreamV store