März 17, 2011

lenses review

After reading a lot of positive reviews from shoppingholics.com
I wanted to try them out myself, because I thought about ordering some lenses anyway.

I had no problems during ordering. They shipped my order out fast and the package arrived after 9 days

that's what I got

I choosed Barbie Geo Eye Super Nudy Green to give my green eyes a bigger effect.

(I don't really like the green color, so that's why I own only brown lenses (´∀`)
but my boyfriend doesn't like me having brown eyes,
so maybe he'll like these better :p)

Sorry for my scary eyes xD

the lenses are very soft and very comfortable to wear!
and I love the color and design

another picture, with room light

So, I'm very satisfied with my order from shoppingholics, and would definitely order again♥


  1. I like this green color is better for you, but brown is really cute too<3!