August 15, 2010

sunday afternoon

today it's only raining..

August 11, 2010


My outfit from today

this video inspired me:

it's so adorable & magical
(& so much cuter in russian ♥)

I love russian fairytales so much

August 09, 2010

Ice cream

I scream for Icecreaaaaaaaaaaam *~*)/

haha my nail XD

August 08, 2010

bears for autumn

Currently I'm planning Outfits for autumn *.*
& somehow I'm so addicted to 'little bears cafe' and I want to buy this JSK in pink
(more then Milky Planet actually)

This dress is perfect for this season and I have so many plans to coordinate it *-*

And I really want to make a teacup-hat!
But I'm so (stupid)lazy and don't know how to start ;_;
& AP's is expensive...

I'm selling my Okashi no kuni JSK in black and my Mothergoose JSK. (Someone interested?)
I need a lot of money this month because I want so much stuff XD

August 04, 2010


I shouldn't buy clothes when I don't have money left until I get payed again, and I need so much stuff for Lolita and etc
but I was bored when I was waiting for my boyfriend till he's finished with work, so I went to H&M and found some cute clothes ;)

they're perfect for autumn ♥

perfume print ♥

this dress is so nice♥ I'll use it for mori-styles

bought them all :D

and after shopping...
some chocolate

August 03, 2010

strawberry cushion!

found this cute cushion today

yay new stuff for my room!

August 01, 2010

lolita market

sorry I was lazy these days >_>

at saturday there was a Lolita-market in bonn
and of course I went to it to sell some clothes I needed to get rid off

this month I couldn't buy anything because of car insurance & life
but I only sold some small things and got 100€ in the end.
Well it's better then nothing :)

And there was a professional photograph who took pictures of us.
It will take some days until I get my images,
I hope they'll turn out pretty >_>

this is what the marked looked like

cake in a jar super tasty

and this is what I bought

cute necklace which fits my new purple dotted parka