März 04, 2011

2 new wigs

So today I picked up my 2 packages from the customs♪

I got 2 new wigs, which I got from mbok
and a new MILK wallet

I would like to show you the wigs, because I really like them

the first one is a 2-colored wig
I was about to buy the same wig at Prisila (or Cyperous?, I don't remember), which has longer hair
but then I found this at mbok and thought shorter hair would maybe be better (´∀`)

as you can see the hair looks really natural

excuse my bad make-up, I'm not in the mood

the second wig I found randomly and fell in love with it

what I don't like about curly wigs are the curls XD
they always look so out of control, don't know how to style them ( ̄▽ ̄)


The original price is 12,000Yen
but I got this at the auction for 4,900Yen, yay

The thing that ruined my life, was my sister yesterday.
Because of the most stupid holidays in germany called Carnival
She took my sneakers without asking and wore them to a party.
(wanting to look cool or IDKnow why. Do I look like a costume-shop?)

When I got home and noticed that my sneakers are gone, I called her to give them back to me but she refused, saying she would be careful (Like WTF).
So after I got home, I found them SO DIRTY and damaged. Even the 2 ribbon shoeclips are gone......


It's so bad.
I cleaned them as much as I could.
They look like shoes, I wore since maybe 3 years
but this bitch destroyed them in only 1 day.

Maybe I sound like an idiot, but NO
these sneakers are from ANGELIC PRETTY, they don't cost only 10€
and damn, they are so hard to get after they sold out.

God, I'm so mad.
She has to pay me the full price back including shipping

and I'm thinking what I should do with the money.
Buying a new pair of pink sneakers?
a black pair?
or just save the money? (for furniture when my BF and me moving out in a new flat XD)

have to think about it.
At the moment I'm just very sad ○| ̄|_

I'll be so happy when I'll move out and have my own life back.


  1. die erste perücke ist total schön *A*!!!
    ich liebe two-tone hair~<3

    und das mit den schuhen kann ich total verstehen!!! grade weil sie auch noch von ap sind und wenn man sie überhaupt bekommt ein vermögen kosten ;_____;!
    hoffe sie sieht es wenigstens ein und gibt dir das geld?

  2. jo hab ihr gesagt die soll mir das Geld auf jedenfall zurückgeben >_<

  3. hair is very cute^^ kawaii :-)