März 27, 2012

꒰ AMO & new pastel clothes +coord☆ ꒱

AMO is my biggest inspiration since she modeled for Angelic Pretty.

I adore her current style she's such an angel

that transparent dress is GORGEOUS. Like really, you can do so much with it
Sadly it's too expensive, I wish I could sew such a dress on my own ꒰ ´-`꒱♡

I always don't know what to do with my normal hair besides high ponytails xD
these are so simple and cute
I also planning to dip dye my hair. Don't know why I hadn't done this before

Of course I also bought some new stuff, hehe

this beautiful mint skirt from MONKI

this shirt while searching for Drop dead clothing.

aaand this cutie

I originally wanted to buy it from 6% dokidoki but I found them cheaper on ebay (^_−)

Since I'm never satisfied with my phone's cases I ordered a new one again
and decorated it a bit (❛ᴗ❛人)✧

buut I'm already searching for another Iphone case haha
I want a lilac colored one with stars

&& a recent outfit

März 07, 2012

New AP dress + other shopping GETS

Sorry for not blogging for a month, I was busy with work (like always... )

2 weeks ago I saw a WTT-post in the AP community.
A girl was looking for a lavender Dream Sky JSK and offered her Sugar Hearts OP.

I always thought I could never let go of my Dream Sky JSK, but somehow I really liked the idea of trading it for Sugar Hearts, because this was my next print I wanted to own.

And since it was a black OP with headbow I couldn't resist

& here it is (❛ᴗ❛人)✧

love the details & this ribbon is actually a brooch

love it

this is an outfit from my shopping-trip yesterday

Love the pink jacket (from H&M) so much. & the fact that pastel colors are a huge trend this spring.
(bad for my bank-account though)

I drove to koblenz to pick up the dress from customs
(I paid fucking 60€ & now I know another reason why I quit Lolita, hahah)

after that I went into the shopping mall to taste the new bubble tea, it opened just recently here

It was about time, haha

so I got this jacket at TALLY WEiJL

and bought some decoration & furniture for the bathroom at IKEA

so that's all for now~