November 02, 2011


I was really looking forward to this years halloween
It was my first time going to a halloween party, so I was very excited♪

I wanted a scary costume, but somehow I always end up with a cute witch outfit, haha.

So this time I made the hat myself, too
I thought Dream Sky would be a perfect dress for a witch costume

It was a very funny evening, Cindy did her best to give us a great party
and it really was, thank youu

Loved the decoration


We had jelly brain, bloody sausage-finger, eyes, cake-pops,

Cindy with her boyfriend♡ cuuute

A rather creepy picture of us, haha

with Nina

made this picture when I arrived at home. I was veeery tired, luckily didn't slept in while driving, haha

See you


  1. you all look super awesome!! Looked like lots of fun<3

  2. seems like u had hella lot of fun ^^
    and ye Dream Sky is such a perfect device ahah
    u look adoreable

  3. omg von dem k-pop music bank event wusste ich noch gar nichts X_______X
    und BEAST und 2PM sind dabei X_________X
    ich sterbe grad so xD
    hastu schon tickets??? bzw, wo gibs noch tickets für beide tage?? *_____*
    danke das du das im kommi erwähnt hast!!! <3

  4. i love your custom! so cute and girly :)) i think u guys had a very cool party :))

  5. danke für die schnelle antwort *__*
    ich habe gleich meine freunde alamiert xD
    ich hoffe es findet sich jmd der mitkommt haha
    wenn nich flieg ich alleine~ >o<
    an welchem tag gehst du dorthin? am 8. oder 9.?
    das line up is ja an beiden tagen das gleiche hoffe ich *__*
    und danke für die ticketseite! habe gesehen es gibt noch tickets! ein glück X__X <3