Oktober 19, 2011

Sugary Carnival Coordinate

Censored eye. My left eye is in a war with my contact lenses recently since it got sore because of them 2x already...

Today I wore my Sugary Carnival since a long time♪

I thought about selling it, but somehow this print is so gorgeous, I don't know if I can live without it....

I don't know if I can continue with Lolita fashion any longer...
These days I thought alot about selling some dresses

& already decided to sell my Marchen Ribbon Set anyone interested?

I really want to buy more MILK & spank!/pop kei, clothes which I can wear more often.
I don't want to spend my money on expensive dresses anymore, which I will rarely wear. (╯_╰)

sorry for the stupid face XD


  1. omg wie süß *___*

  2. so cute!!! >o< and i can totally understand that you rather wanna buy fairy kei clothing! it is a very casual style! ;w; but i dont think you should let lolita go, it suits you sooo great!! D: