September 26, 2011

Last weekend ☆ amusement parks

I visited my boyfriend who is for 5 weeks in another city because of work (T-T)

We drove to the theme park 'Holiday Park' in the south of germany, cause it was only 20 minutes away from there☆

I was really scared driving with the so called best rollercoaster in europe Ge Force
I went there 3 times, I was really scared but it was still fun XD

There were many other attractions as well we visited, but this one was the best

there even was a show with animals

big alligator (•⊙ω⊙•)

In the evening we also visited the 'Wurstfest' sausage festival

1/2 meter sausage (*´д`*) delicious♡

can't wait until he's back home again♥


  1. uuh du wohnst in der nähe von haßloch? ^^

    hübsche bilder, sieht alles nach sehr viel spaß aus :3

  2. @ nein überhaupt nicht XD in Rheinland-Pfalz, ne Stunde weg von Köln ^^

    ohja es war lustig xD ich liebe Freizeitparks & Kirmes