September 09, 2011

Room Update♪

So since my boyfriend isn't at home for 5 weeks now (dying...。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。)
I have some time for myself~

So I took my desk from my old room to my new room & decorated it (・ェ-)

I really like it everything became so cute

also, new shoes arrived

the 2nd order from dellamore

She was so sweet, because I wrote her that my 1st order might be lost,
she gave me some presents♡♡
Thank youu


  1. Your bedroom is very cute!! (*・∀・*)

  2. ich liebe dein zimmer so *A*

  3. #So tolle Sachen !!! und dein Zimmer *___* omg so toll !!! und ich mag dein outfit total *__*

  4. neid!

    nein wirklich so süüüß!!
    ich wünschte mein zimmer wäre auch so schön eingerichtet! </3