Oktober 17, 2011

Japanday düsseldorf

On saturday my honey drove back home for the weekend.
Feels so good to see him again after 5 days♪♪. If everything goes well, he can come back home on friday \(^o^)/

We drove to duesseldorf because of the Japanday there.

After 1 hour of driving we got stuck in 3(!!) traffic jams, that means we stood there for almost 3 hours (ι´Д`)ノ

at 4pm we finally arrived in duesseldorf.
We were so hungry, we ate at a german restaurant at first

After that we browsed through all the interesting booths there.

But it was really cold (⇀‸↼‶)
I hope the next Japanday 2012 will be in May again.

Before the Lolita fashionshow started at 7pm
I luckily met all the other german lolitas

Nina & Cindy ♥

Alina (Sui Princess)

After the fashionshow we drove back,
sadly we didn't watch the fireworks, it was so cold I couldn't stand it anymore.

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