Mai 02, 2011

Marchen Ribbon JSK

My Marchen Ribbon JSK arrived today~❤

It's so pretty~
I'm so happy I bought it (⌒o⌒)

As I had the money and wanted to order it, I noticed this style is already out of stock in every color except white @ the online shop.
I was worried so I immediately wrote to my SS, she should ask the AP Shop if they still have a black dress left in any shop....
Luckily she told me they found one and I was so happy then.♪

The shopping service send it 2 weeks after she ordered it,
which for me is a really long time to wait, I can tell you (⌒-⌒);

but finally it arrived today❤

I knew that the ribbon & pearlchain is detachable, but I was so surprised that the pearlchain is even detachable from the ribbons!!!
Omg this is so awesome, I can use the ribbons as hairpins or brooches~~♡

I really like those extras the dresses have♡

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