April 30, 2011

Limecrime Lipsticks

Some days ago I got my first Limecrime lipsticks

I discovered this shop a long time ago and was fascinated by their packaging also in the colors of the lipsticks
in the last weeks I visited that site again, and decided to order something

as I saw the promotional picture with the 3 new colors in march, I really wanted a nude lipstick, so I bought 'Coquette'
I also wanted to buy D'lilac, but the color is so bright (but so beautiful~~) ...
I don't know if this would look good on me...

The shipping was fast and cheaper then I expected☆

Great Pink Planet and Coquette

I'm really happy about this order and I have to say they cover my lips very well☆
I heard many negative reviews, but I'm satisfied with mine \(^o^)/

& a picture of my outfit today...
didn't post one since a long time :)

wearing Great Pink Planet

Found that cute dotted shirt at H&M
after searching a long time online :)


  1. dich bei den secrets zu finden macht mich grad iwie fertig x'D
    ich finde das bild echt wunderschön♥!!!

    & hab dich btw auch mal bei twitter geaddet :D
    (hast du auch facebook?XD)

  2. @ Caro: jo nur eine alte Bekannte von mir die meint mich fertig machen zu müssen, nur weil dieses egoistische Miststück denkt, Limecrime wäre ihre Firma und ich müsste sie nachmachen.....

    danke <3 ja ich hab dich mal geaddet :)

  3. you look darling! and i love those lipstick shades ♥