Mai 15, 2011

Nile Perch, Lashes, Korilakkuma

small shopping update again! :)

I have to work a lot atm, so at home I'm so tired I don't want to do anything
So I relax by shopping (´∀`)

This week some stuff arrived again

My first item by NILE PERCH
a cute black Parka with purple & pink ribbons
and rhinestones, it even has cute glittery lace on the top!
I it~

Diamond Lashes
I'll try them out next week☆



My super cute order from \(^o^)/

1. On top: pouch for my camera
2. left: phonestrap
3. right: strap (display-cleaner) for my camera

Oh god, I could cuddle them the whole day. they're so fluffy and cute♡♡

another thing,

perfume released a new single 'Laser Beam'
It became a really cute electro song, I like it


  1. Nile Perch! I'm so envious XD How did you get something from them? I love all of your purchases~ so cute! <3

  2. A french girl was selling this xD
    you can get Nile Perch items with a shopping service from japan ^^

  3. Sooo süße Sachen, traumhafter Parker von NP...btw you re looking GREAT ^-^ LG Dani

  4. soo cute <3 i love Korilakkuma :D just followed ur blog via gfc, cute blog btw :D feel free to follow me back, see ya :*