Mai 09, 2011

5 new items☆

2 new items arrived today~!!(。✧ ◡ ✧。)

a Liz Liza messenger bag I bought from a german gal

I noticed I didn't had any black socks that would match my dress
So they just appeared at the right time at the AP Paris Shop♡

today I went to the city, originally to look for something at H&M but I ended up buying new cosmetics xD
This cute icepink mascara caught my attention and I just had to buy it!

Since H&M didn't had that polkadotted tubetop I saw online, I bought nothing there and decided to order it from the onlineshop (・∀・)

And the past days I found this CUTIE at yahoo!jp auctions

It was love at first sight, since I saw Misako Aoki wearing this type of barrette from BABY RIBBON

Oh she really is a inspiration for me

And wow, since it's so hard to get things from Baby Ribbon
(this barrette sold out nearly in every color very fast),
I was so lucky to discover it on the auction site~

even in my favorite color
and I bought it for 3,800Yen (original shop price is 4,200Yen)☆

I can't wait until it arrives!!!
I love it so much already♡♡♡

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