April 19, 2011

photos from 27.02.11

Totally forgot to post better pictures from the chocolate themed meet-up in duesseldorf on the 27th february (・×・)

Most of the pictures didn't turned out very well, I hate being photographed from the bottom up....
I really should tell the photgrapher next time when he/she asks us to stay on stairs.

well I'll show you my favorites

I can say that Claudia is my Lolita twin
we have the same taste in clothes and accessories

and decided to do more shootings with matching dresses♪

and our outfits weren't even arranged♪
I like her (*´∀`*)

someone even took a video from that day

you can see me moving and walking later in the video~ xD


  1. du siehst so süß aus♥

    und das mit dem von unten fotografieren kenn ich... leider neigen alle 'fotografen' dazu >O<

  2. awww i'm glad to see a Lolita with the same body built as i am 8D

  3. Ach das is schon wieder so lange her. *schnief*
    Aber war ein toller tag.