Januar 30, 2012

My first spank!-item + other items get☆

Some stuff arrived again (´ε` )♡

This was my first time ordering something from spank!
Their stuff always sell out so fast, so this time I tried and it worked♪

they even sent me a shopping bag ( ´∀`)☆

next, this beautiful necklace from Etsy-seller Imyourpresent

her accessoires are so pretty♥

and this fur tail I bought from a german ebay-seller

I also recieved new lenses and a cheap wig (haha, I should stop buying cheap wigs... they are always disappointing...)

think I'll write a review in my next entry.

Since I have some days off until friday, I have a lot of time (─‿‿─)

this was my outfit today

dress: H&M
skirt: offbrand
cardigan: SWIMMER
leggins: offbrand / ebay
shoes: Reebok

I'm ready for spring


  1. So cute! I really love your leggings & sneakers combo! I need to do it as well since I have these items, huhu~

    Glad you got a Spank! bag! It is hard to get things off their shop (´;ェ;`)

    1. The bags are quite easy to get, since they are still not sold out
      but for the other items...yes D:

  2. Der Fuchsschwanz sieht toll aus! In rosa ♥ Und die Kette ist auch total süss!!!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. The necklace will be perfect for valentines day! ^^

  4. Aw, super hübsche Sachen hast du da! *___* Besonders der Fuchsschwanz!

    1. Danke <3 Ich war a Anfang unsicher ob ich diese Fuchsschwänze mögen sollte oder nicht als die grad angesagt waren xD
      Aber dieses mal konnte ich nicht widerstehen ^^

  5. ich habe mich in den rosa fuchs schwanz verliebt*_*

  6. Those Spank! bags look so cute (^^)
    Does Spank! sell to overseas, too? Or did you use a shopping service?

  7. I love your blog, its really cute ♥
    Nice outfit.
    Awww a pink fur tail, I need one!