Januar 02, 2012

♥Fluffy roomwear: Rakuten shop order♥

Outside, the weather is bad and the best thing to do is just stay at home
cuddling with your boyfriend while watching movies, ne?♡

On the 28th december I ordered 2 pairs of fluffy roomwear from this Rakuten Shop:


Since in japan the new years holiday start from the 29th ~ 6th january,
the shop staff said that they would ship it out after the holidays then.

Buuut somehow they managed to sent it out before and I was really surprised that the parcel arrived today at my home!

This was inside:

I'm totally satisfied!
It's so cute, fluffy and warm I don't want to take it off anymore, haha (☆ u ☆)

and it fits well~
They had no measurements for the pants, so for the hips, I can say they stretch until ~105cm

The day after I ordered from rakuten, I went shopping in the city and found even more cute roomwear!

from H&M

from C&A

Now I don't feel cold anymore at home


  1. Ohh good! I love your new roomwears♥. I think, that the first one is the cutest roomwear what I have ever seen and all details are very cute:>.

  2. Aw, so schön bunt und bestimmt super kuschelig!
    Ich bin's übrigens, Kiyori von LJ. :D Magst du mich auch adden?

  3. they really are! ^^

    @Madame Kitsune: Hey <3

  4. Oh gott, die sehen ja megasüß aus :D
    Perfekt für einen Tag zu Hause <3


  5. Cool Blog!I love the pastel colors! the sweaters are so cute!

  6. Ahhh these are great finds! I love the heart one especially.

  7. The fluffy pajamas are very cute ^ O ^
    I noticed they have a tag with a bunny on them though, do you know if they are made from rabbit fur? =x
    I am ethically vegan & would love to order some of their products but do not want to if they are made from fur eeee~ ; w ; '

    1. I don't think they are from real fur, since they are so cheap :)
      I would have noticed it then ^^

    2. I thought that too teehee :3
      I think the bunny is there to symbolise the fluffyness C: