Januar 02, 2012

★ Christmas & New Year ★

Hey girls♡

Hope everyone had a good time?

My holidays were wonderful
Like every year I'm spending christmas & new year with my family and my boyfriend.

We had so much food and it was delicious!
I don't want to know how much weight I gained XD

Mostly, I got a lot of money yaaay & stuff for the body (shower gel, lotions)
aaand chocolate

this is my favorite present, from my sister
I wanted to buy this too, when I was buying presents, but then I didn't had enough money for myself XD

We had a lot of fun, I didn't had time to take any pictures!

We spent NYE at my father's place.
and again~
food food food xD

ahhh I really love russian food, it's the BEST

my outfit

love the purikura app XD

Hope your wishes comes true in 2012~

I don't have any New Year's resolutions
it's always the same: get skinnier, get prettier, etc XD


  1. Ich wünsche dir auch ein frohes neues Jahr! :)
    Deine Outfits sind immer total putzig!! <3

  2. Teehee, I got lots of "I love..." stuff too for christmas! :D But it was mostly the vanilla one. <3