Juli 19, 2012

I'm still alive ✿ recent outfits ✿ new CCK stuff

let's start with pictures first XD

my favorite clothes at the moment are my mint MONKI skirt & & a lilac shirt. I wear them almost daily when they're not in the washing machine. ꒰ ; ̄▽ ̄꒱
They're perfect for summer because the fabric isn't heavy.

as you can see my outfits got rather simple...
I feel old, fat and too ugly for crazy outfits. I still like to dress how I want at home and take pictures.

I think I fell in a light depression over the past weeks.
I had weeks where I had to work alot and weeks I had holidays, but I did nothing.

I am really unsatisfied with myself >_< so I started to eat healthy in order to loose weight... I already lost 8kg ... hope I can loose another 15kg............

I bought more stuff for my home rather then clothes or accessoires the last 2 months XD
but I couldn't miss the last CCK update so I ordered some lovely stuff


you can see my dyed hair btw XD

....... yeah besides that I bought
I also bought some big curtains for my closet ... I like how it looks ^O^

I hope I feel better soon.....

maybe I should start buying clothes again and do something fun...

or I'll just wait until summer is over LOL.......



I really hate summer


  1. Hast aber schön umdekoriert das Regal usw! :D Sieht echt toll aus *_* Wenn ich ne eigene Bude hab, brauch ich dich als Inneneinrichterin und Beraterin!!! :D

    1. XD ach was, dann erlebst du Kitsch pur!! haha xD
      wenn ich nur Geld hätte.... dann wäre meine Bude komplett wie bei IKEA XD
      ich könnte mir die Räume da den ganzen Tag lang angucken x_X so toll

  2. You're so cute! I like your hair and style too!

  3. Ich glaube das liegt mit am Wetter, ich bin auch recht depri und traurig die letzten Woche, voll blöde irgendwie ;.;
    Lass dich nicht unterkriegen! Deine Haare sehn toll aus ♥
    Liebe Grüße

    1. ja vorallem weil ich überhaupt kein Sommer-Typ bin x___x

      danke <3 das wird schon wieder xD

  4. Ahhh no, I hope you feel better soon dearie! :c <3

  5. Oh my goood, you're so cuuute~ //D Your outfits are simple yeah, but they are super sweet too!~ Love your room <3

  6. You're adorable and have a cute fashion sense c:
    I honestly don't think you need to lose weight at all, but hey a million people have said that to me in the past and i haven't listened... i think it's important to feel happy with yourself!
    I adore your hair.


    1. yeah but I'm a bit overweight XD maybe you can't tell from pictures because I'm wearing dresses/skirts which don't show the line of my body, but actually I need to loose like 20kg to have normal weight >_<

  7. Lovely everything~!!! Your coords are so simple & cute~
    & I love your hair dyed at the ends, adorable! (人•ᴗ•♡)

  8. I have also fallen in this kind of depression =( I don't like myself,I don't wanna do anything,I don't wanna blog and so on =(( hope soon u and me will return to the normal lifestyle ^_-

    love the way ur closet looks like ^w^ so much pastel colors <3

    1. oh no, sad to hear >_<

      buut that would be great if we can get out of that depression ._."
      we have to be strong >_<;;

  9. i like your heart-shaped bag and necklace :)
    you look pretty too ^_^

    check out my blog and follow me if you like ♥
    i'll follow you back ^_^


  10. Cheer up <3 I love your hair (the tips are so cool! how did you do it?)
    xoxo Keki

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    Have a nice day!

  12. very lovely and korean inspired look! love it! ;)

  13. Lovely and super cute !!! ♥