April 29, 2012

★ recent nails & düsseldorf yesterday ★

so that my nails grew so long recently, I developed a new obsession of buying nail polish and painting my nails almost daily ꒰ʘ‿ʘ꒱
I'm always busy with my nails, I stopped biting them before this, so they could grow. But I still can't leave them alone /bad habit

I tried doing a gradient with glitter for the first time here ꒰。・_・。꒱

left & right hand

I also got a new Iphone case

I got bored with my pink one, so I had to buy a new one

Yesterday I was able to drive to duesseldorf again.
I wasn't at the 'Immermannstraße' for almost a year now...... uncool.

A friend celebrated her birthday & I was invited. We ate at a japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant & I was so happy to eat sushi again it was sooooo goood ꒰❛ᴗ❛人꒱✧

had much more haha, somehow I don't get full from sushi, I could eat tons ꒰๑╯//o//╰๑)

afterwards we went into a park for taking pictures beautiful

this was my outfit for this day

got that mint dress @ H&M. I was so surprised to find it there, I also bought a black / white

dotted skirt (finallyyyy~~)

so that's all for now~~ I hope I can cut my hair soon & dye it ꒰๑• ̫•๑꒱

btw my new jam the best UKISS with their new mini album


  1. Schöne Nägel! Ich lieb Glitterlacke ♥ Das Essen sieht auch supi lecker aus :3
    Liebe Grüße

  2. I like your style so much !


  3. cute nailpolish ! : )


  4. HI^^
    I love Japanese fashion.
    This is my blog.
    I would appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!
    Thank you so much.