Juli 15, 2011

Today's Outfit ☆ Shy Bear

Currently it got a little bit cold in germany (・∀・)

I'm spending my last days at home, before I have to work again.
Not really in a mood to do anything... but I shouldn't be too lazy (・×・)

So today I dressed up a bit & went to the city to print some pictures~

I printed out my favorite spank! & Fairy Kei pictures to hang them around my mirror.

I'm always looking for inspiration for my outfits
so instead of looking for it at the computer, I only have to look at my wall now☆

and my bags have a new place now, yaay
but the space is already full, hehe. Will have to find a new place for other bags ( ̄▽ ̄)

so, here is my outfit from today

I like it, it's so purple♡pink

Have a nice weekend~!