Juli 05, 2011

Paris Day 1 ♥ Angelic Pretty Shop

So we started our trip at 7 in the morning.

We had to drive about 5 hours. It was of course very booooring (*´Д`*)

here is a picture of me driving

hahahaha ( ̄▽ ̄)

we arrived at 1pm at our hotel
(Paris streets are so exhausing to drive, I nearly died...)

we got dressed and drove to the Angelic Pretty shop

We finally found it (it was 5pm already)~

Luckily we were the only ones there, so we didn't had to wait very long to go upstairs

In the courtyard a french Lolita and Dominique welcomed us to have some drinks and sweets.

The AP doll was so cute

and there was a bubble making mashine~ so fun!

We went upstairs and Maki&Asuka welcomed us
Maki wore Sheep Garden! She looked sooooo cute!

She always has such cute eye-makeup,
her lashes were sooo long!
Really doll-like.

I really died to see all the new cute stuff!
They had Toy fantasy salopettes >O

I was so unsure what to buy, but in the end I decided to buy Dream Sky lavender socks &
the new ribbon bag in black, which I was eyeing for since it's release

This bag! The material is so soft! Just love it.

Everyone got a free ribbon ring after a purchase over 100€!!! (。✧ ◡ ✧。)
so pretty~
I always needed a gold ribbon ring. Thank you❤

And a tote bag, but I didn't get one, buuhh

while waiting for our stuff getting wrapped, we browsed through Boddywood

They had Vivienne Westwood shoes for 50-70% off!
Ahhh so unlucky... should have looked there before (T-T)

they also had some new MILK and old, which was hanging there the year before too, lol.

So it was time to leave~

We took a last picture of Maki&Asuka, waving at us from the window♪


after that we went into the city to look for something special for dinner.
Well.. the restaurants were almost the same like in germany,

so after an argument between the girls where to go
we decided to eat at Planet Sushi.

But more of the rest of the evening I will tell you at my next entry.
Can't wait to write about the tea party \(^o^)/

A picture of me and the beautiful Nina (http://gyaru-glamour.blogspot.com/)


  1. Awww~ ich liebe solche Einträge. Danke für's Veröffentlichen. ;A; Den Eintrag von "inflamedlips"-Nina auf LJ fand ich schon total schön, und jetzt dieser hier... <3

  2. Wenn es klappt werde ich am Ende auch ein EGL-Eintrag machen ^^