Juni 01, 2011

AP Paris

Another shopping update★

I bought these items at AP Paris and now I'll get a ticket for the
Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris in July ★!!
I'm so excited to see everyone again

As you know, Dream Sky got released
sadly I don't had the money left at that time and after 2 days everything nearly sold out >___<

So today I asked AP San Francisco if they can get a dress for me from japan (via a special order).
They are my last hope!
I hope it'll work out. Otherwise I hope Maki&Asuka will bring some dresses to Paris and I can buy it there...

A picture from Maki&Asuka in Paris last year...

the background + those outfits = perfect picture.

God I wish I was that lucky to meet them accidently...
Brings memories back


  1. I didn't get my ticket to the tea party :(. I'm so sad.. I hope I can meet Maki and Asuka even without going to the tea party.

    The dream sky is really a very beautiful dress, I hope you can get yours from AP USA.

  2. You can still meet them!
    At saturday they'll be in the AP Shop & welcome everyone with cookies and drinks :D

  3. Super cute!

    And oooh Sistar!♥

  4. Really?? I thought we needed the ticket for both days! Then I will be there saturday for sure! I will arrive to Paris saturday in the morning and my hotel is super close to the AP store, so I will be able to be there in the afternoon! I hope I'll have the opportunity to meet you too <3

    I saw on tumblr that you got the dress!! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations to your accessories!^^ I'm also invited to the Tea Party, so we will meet in person.^^~<3 Do you have an idea what coordination you will wear for the Tea Party?

  6. @Lucy: That's awesome~~~ Looking forward to meet you :D

    @Gigi: I'm not sure yet~
    I'll wait until my Dream Sky dress will arrive, then I'll search for accessoires & stuff to coordinate it.
    Would love to wear it to the Tea Party!!!

    my alternative outfit would be Marchen Ribbon :)

    may I ask where you got that lavender wig from?

    It looks so great!!

    Well then see you in Paris <33
    so excited to meet so much guys from the internet...
    but I'm sure I wont recognize the most of them in real life! haha

  7. I love the Marchen Ribbon headbows and socks! They are so cute, especially in black<3 Have fun at the tea party~ take lots of pictures if you can for those of us unable to go to Europe XD

  8. Hello my dear my name and I am a fleur , lolita de France
    I will also have the tea party angelic pretty I am very happy to meet you <3

  9. I am very glad to see you too, come at the Japan Expo?
    there is also the convention on Monday after the lolita tea party