Dezember 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

So, Sadly Christmas is over again :)

On Christmas eve
me & my father ate dinner alone
my sister was invited by her boyfriend's mother
and like always my BF wanted to work on christmas, so he will get free days for new year

On the first Christmas day
my whole family gathered at my grandma where we celebrated christmas (with eating xD)
at 9pm when my BF was done with work we drove to his family (to get the leftovers from dinner XD)

on the 26th I woke up late and then drove home
at 6pm me, my father and sister went to an chinese restaurant with mongolian BBQ and sushi
it was delicious and I ate SO much ('cause it was an all-you-can-eat restaurant ;x;)

Phew~ after that marathon eating, I REALLY have to lose weight in the New year ;_;

Presents I got
- a lot of money.
I was really surprised that I got so much money from my BF's family o_O I felt so uncomfortable ;_; but I'm happy anyways >D.
With that money I can pay some debts off, so my bank account won't get hurt %"D~~.
- shedule book (Terminkalender) for 2011
- chocolate & cookies :D
- a ring from my boyfriend (I'm so happy!! I didn't thought that he would buy another since I lost his first ring) ↓↓

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