März 27, 2012

꒰ AMO & new pastel clothes +coord☆ ꒱

AMO is my biggest inspiration since she modeled for Angelic Pretty.

I adore her current style she's such an angel

that transparent dress is GORGEOUS. Like really, you can do so much with it
Sadly it's too expensive, I wish I could sew such a dress on my own ꒰ ´-`꒱♡

I always don't know what to do with my normal hair besides high ponytails xD
these are so simple and cute
I also planning to dip dye my hair. Don't know why I hadn't done this before

Of course I also bought some new stuff, hehe

this beautiful mint skirt from MONKI

this shirt while searching for Drop dead clothing.

aaand this cutie

I originally wanted to buy it from 6% dokidoki but I found them cheaper on ebay (^_−)

Since I'm never satisfied with my phone's cases I ordered a new one again
and decorated it a bit (❛ᴗ❛人)✧

buut I'm already searching for another Iphone case haha
I want a lilac colored one with stars

&& a recent outfit


  1. ahhh clothing from drop dead is way too cute >3< you should buy the hate hearts dress, it's perfect for fairy kei!

    1. I wanted to buy it (that was the reason why I was looking for DD clothing, but I was too late :/ it's sold out & I can't find it T_T

    2. i think they're going to re-stock it, or so I've heard...

  2. Oh, I love that t-shirt, and Amo always has such amazing style! We are earring twins! ;)

    1. yay :) this is a message for all people who will look at me strangely, haha

  3. *O* the unicorn earring looks pretty cool and outstanding @.@!!
    aargh, and we definitely need a Monki store °>_<°"!!!

    1. don't they ship to you? I have buy online since I don't have a store here either

  4. Dip dye is so cute, you'll look lovely! :)

  5. You are so cute and I really love your mint skirt♥!
    Have a sweet day:>!
    Love, Iris

  6. Hach ja, die Sachen in Japan sind echt so teuer. Ich habe ein Vermögen dort gelassen xD
    Der Ohrring ist ja putzig, echt goldig ♥
    Und Amo ist echt süss!
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Hui deine Haare sind aber auch wieder schön gewachsen! ♥ Und süßes Outfit <3

  8. AMO is my current style idol, too ; u; She's so ethereal and fairish and kinda mystical, in some of their recent outfits!♥ I wish I could own a lot of her clothes and stuff she designed, sigh!
    Super cute t-shirt! (o✪v✪o)

    1. awe~ you described her perfectly ꒰´∀`꒱
      I want to own her stuff too, hehe but no money!

  9. Yes~!! AMO's current style is so amazing for her, it's also inspired me alot!
    She only gets more and more amazing!
    She keeps on doing these collaborations and I keep on buying them, darn ; ;

  10. Den Monki Rock hatte ich auch in der Hand aber ich hatte angst das er wegen der Falten zu Omahaft an mir aussieht. Richtig kombiniert sieht er warscheinlich klasse aus. *_*

  11. OMG das Einhorn als Ohrring sieht ja geil aus *_*
    ich will es auch haben<3

    PS: dein blog ist soo niedlich<3

  12. awww I love those photos :)
    amazing post!!


  13. Kawaii Overflow :) ICh muss nach diesen Ohrringen suchen :) Soooooo toll :3

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    I just found it!!!

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