August 28, 2011

I'm back with blogging★

I can't believe that my last entry was about a month ago!!!! (⊙_◎)
I'm so sorry.

Like always my excuse is work!! I'm always so tired when I'm back from work I'm not in a mood to do anything! (。・_・。)

But it will change in september. (^O^☆

I hope that I don't have to work a lot next month (right now it looks like I only have to work 2 weeks..)

and my boyfriend won't be at home for 5 weeks!!!

So I will have a lot of time for myself
I'm planning to go to duesseldorf more often, I feel so lame not being to the Immermannstraße since last year november! OMG, Time passes by so fast! ( ̄□ ̄)

The only thing I could do in this busy month was shopping!

2 weeks ago I got a package from DreamV
I ordered 3 tops including a simple lavender shirt with a ribbon on the back

the big bow is detachable★

then I ordered this MILK skirt from Closet Child

at first I didn't know if I should buy it, but then CC put it on sale with -30% off
and I just HAD to get it ╰(☆ u ☆)╮
It's so cute~~ I can't wait to wear it when it's colder outside

After a month of waiting my Fairy Kei necklaces arrived too

I was so worried that they got lost (×̯×)
In the meantime I just ordered the same things again! haha.
But at the day I paid, the parcel arrived!~! (ノД`)
Next time I just have to be patient with orders from USA....

immediately wore the balloon-necklace

Ok, so I have some more stuff I recieved, but I won't annoy you with it
I'll show you more stuff in the next entries

Btw, my next entries will be about

✧ Room Update
✧ Sales Post
✧ 6.August BBQ Party with the girls & Paris-Video
✧ recent crafts

have to catch up with blogging ( ̄。 ̄)....

see you


  1. Beautiful cloths Christina <3
    i love the outfits ^O^

    How are you ? kiss


  2. so tolle sachen *___*

  3. Julie, I'm doing fine! A bit stressed at the moment, but now I have 2 weeks holidays! I'm very happy about a break~

    danke Suzu <3

  4. I'm glad you're on vacation you rest well <3
    you come back soon in France?

  5. Omg, the shirts! <3 So cute! And hey, there's nothing wrong in being too tired to blog after working. Jobs can be... quite exhausting.

  6. oh no sorry, I can't go to france until maybe to the next AP Tea Party next year! >___<
    I really wish I could go sooner, but I don't have money left to go to Paris...