Oktober 07, 2010


New stuff I got in the mail today~

The bunny is so cute~~

- bad grammar -
And I haven't show you my new bunny yet, which I got 2 weeks ago (because it's always hiding and didn't want to take a picture xD)
Don't know, I think I wrote it only on twitter, that my other gray bunny died...
Because I wouldn't let my black bunny be alone, I wanted to have another one
and I found a really cute white one

awww it's so fluffy *___* I love it ❤


  1. oh, ich wollte die, auch die ap bunny und socken bestellen. XD ~
    & deine fluffly bunny is so kawaii * w * ~~

  2. so cute and fluffy! I want to take a blow dryer and blow at it! hee~