August 01, 2010

lolita market

sorry I was lazy these days >_>

at saturday there was a Lolita-market in bonn
and of course I went to it to sell some clothes I needed to get rid off

this month I couldn't buy anything because of car insurance & life
but I only sold some small things and got 100€ in the end.
Well it's better then nothing :)

And there was a professional photograph who took pictures of us.
It will take some days until I get my images,
I hope they'll turn out pretty >_>

this is what the marked looked like

cake in a jar super tasty

and this is what I bought

cute necklace which fits my new purple dotted parka

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  1. kuchen in eine marmeladedose finde ich eine sehr süße idee! ^-^ ~
    & uuh, angelic pretty! <3 *__*