Juli 06, 2010

Paris DAY 2 - AP Tea Party

Ok this post is gonna to be long!
a more detailed report and more pictures I posted at my Livejournal. 

The party started at 1pm. 
There was a doorman checking our invitations and guest list :D this was pretty cool!
after we got upstairs Maki & Asuka welcomed us and offered us to get a drink and candy  
Maki&Asuka and their cute manager  
the prices for the lottery
and I won a Milky-chan ring
and then later... Maki&Asuka presented special AP Cake (EPIC)  
So delicious
So after taking lots of pictures the party sadly came to an end at 4pm.
I had to rush to the train station, but I could enjoy the whole party  
My present: (Milky Planet in black is really gorgeous)  
So the procedure of the Tea Party was like that:
Eating Cupcakes & Candy
Ice cream 
Taking Pictures
Kera Snaps 
Taking Pictures
Taking Group Picture
Maki&Asuka giving autographs 
Goodbye with presents


  1. buhuu, ich wollte auch dahin! TT___TT
    Ich war in Paris, war aber am So. und Mo. da und ich habe nicht die ap tea party gefunden....muss man ne einladung stimmt? *snif*
    & zuckersüße bilder! und die kuchen! *Q*