Juni 23, 2010


Today I want you to show some pictures of my favorite game AION

This game was released in september '09, and since that it's growing and it's going to be awesome like the best game ever!
(Ok I haven't played any online game before, so I can't tell if there is a better one :p)

I choose the 'good side'
Ok in the beginning I had to play the dark side, because of my boyfriend, we wanted to play together and he didn't want to be a white Angel xD
But then he stopped playing Aion, because he didn't liked it anymore
and then I started playing the Elyos (good side).

After months of hard work I raised my character to the max level

This is my character

when you look into the sky... so pretty!

here I'm in the country of the dark side... I really like the scenery there, because it's snowing and there are beautiful lights in the dark


a Lolita-outfit I was saving for :>
In AION there aren't very much pretty clothes for girls xD

And here if somebody is interested, the story of AION.
It's so cool and unique!
I always get goosebumbs when I watch this and listen to the music of AION *_*

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  1. Ich poste Morgen eins, okay?
    :D Sie wirken toll <3